Andrew Edwards Establishes C-Suite Leadership Team for Extron

Appoints Brian Taraci to Chief Executive Officer, Casey Hall to Chief Marketing Officer, and Ed Ellingwood to Chief Financial Officer

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Extron C-Suite Leadership Team
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Anaheim, California (October 25, 2022) - Extron founder and President Andrew Edwards announced today that he is moving to the position of Chairman of the Board and promoting Brian Taraci to Chief Executive Officer, Casey Hall to Chief Marketing Officer, and Ed Ellingwood to Chief Financial Officer. These moves are designed to ensure the company is solidly positioned to face future challenges and reach the next level of its growth. With more than 80 years of combined Extron experience, the three executives have been instrumental in helping Extron to become the industry-leading organization it is today.

“I'm extremely excited to appoint this new leadership team. These three gentlemen have spent years working directly with me, operating at the highest level and handling every issue that’s come our way," says Andrew Edwards, Chairman of the Board of Extron. "Through our combined efforts, we’ve created a company that has been an industry leader for almost 40 years. These are the people I’m trusting to carry Extron forward into the future."

Brian Taraci has been with Extron since 1994. Most recently, he served as Chief Technology Officer, a role he will continue to fulfill in addition to his new responsibilities as Extron's CEO. Taraci has a background in semiconductor manufacturing, where he worked as a process engineer, device engineer, and test engineer. At Extron, he has played a central role in the development of foundational technologies which formed the basis for the company's line of scaling and control systems products. Through the years, Taraci has led teams in developing critical product lines such as Extron's CrossPoint matrix switchers, XTP matrix switchers, and the new NAV Pro AV over IP products. He has significant experience in product development, engineering, production, and marketing, along with a clear vision for the future of Extron.

Casey Hall is an industry veteran who has worked in Extron's industry-leading support department for over 26 years. He most recently served as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. As Chief Marketing Officer, Hall will oversee the sales, support, and marketing efforts of the business worldwide.

Ed Ellingwood has led Extron’s finance departments since 1993. In his most recent role as Vice President of Finance, he has also overseen the Human Resources Department and provided guidance and direction to the company's executives and leaders through the years. A Wharton School of Business graduate, Ellingwood has the skills and experience needed to help the company navigate an ever-changing global economy.

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